frequently asked questions
How Does It Work?
What do I get when I purchase Intellogy?

Intellogy is a hosted content management solution, so there is no database or extensive scripts to install. What could be easier? When you subscribe to Intellogy, we will create accounts in our SQL database for your website's data. 

Whether it is you or your client, whoever maintains the website data will use the Intellogy Content Manager to keep the site current and up to date.

How do I integrate Intellogy into my website?
A web developer will insert simple calls or "tags" (typically 2 lines of code per web page) into your HTML pages to access our data server.  These tags pull content into your website.  A web developer then uses CSS formatting to match the style of your website.
Can I control the look and feel of my website?

Absolutely! Intellogy is not a canned template solution. The web designer has complete control over the design and layout.

Each module contains several "layout" options that determine the physical layout of the data being presented.  For example, you might choose to present a 30-day calendar grid or just a list of the next week's events. Some layouts present detailed information, while others present summary information with a hyperlink to additional information.

See for samples of the different layouts available to each module.

How do I control the “look” of modules in my web page?

Presentation is fine-tuned through the use of cascading style sheets (CSS).  After the layout has been selected, CSS is used to fine-tune the colors, fonts, and size of the data displayed for all modules.  Refer to the Developer's Guide for complete listings of layouts and an overview of using CSS tags.

What Does It Cost?
How are the Intellogy modules priced?

Intellogy is sold on a licensed subscription basis by website account.  There is no long-term commitment, and you may cancel at any time.  View complete pricing details here...

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your Intellogy subscription at any time.  Read our Cancellation Policy for further details.

OK, But Can It Do This?
Can the same module be used more than once within a website?
Yes.  Through the use of "types", your content managers can classify their data into unlimited categories to be displayed in your website.  The web developer can define pages that only show a certain type (for instance, 2nd grade activities) or show data from all types (i.e. all grades, K through 5) within the same page.
Can I use more than one module in the same web page?

Yes.  You may mix and match all of the Intellogy modules in the same HTML page.  You can even use the same module more than once in the same page to display data in different ways.  Here is an example of three web calendar layouts on a single page.

Do you allow the uploading of images and documents?

Every Intellogy module allows for the uploading of at least one image and one document at the individual record level.  That means you could upload a PDF version of a News Editor article in addition to the HTML content.  A hyperlink to the document is created automatically. 

Images work similarly, allowing the user to optionally upload an image with each record as well.  The web designer determines the sizing and placement of these images via CSS or image-sizing settings.  In this way, your web designer can set maximum size limits on uploaded images so that large images don't "break the design".

All documents and images can be easily removed and replaced.

Do your modules require that advertising links be displayed?
No.  All of the Intellogy modules are provided without pop-ups or advertising links.  Intellogy will give you a professional, integrated solution every time.
Web Hosting Requirements
Which development platforms does Intellogy support?

Intellogy fully supports the use of websites created in ASP, ASP.NET and PHP using simple HTML-link "tags." (documented at

Support for websites created in Flash, AJAX, and other platforms is accomplished via our XML web service interface. (documented at

Does Intellogy work on a Macintosh?

Yes, as well as on PCs.  Since Intellogy is a hosted solution, there is nothing for you to install.  All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.  The Intellogy WYSIWYG editor is supported in the latest versions of Macintosh web browsers.

Do I have to switch web hosts to use the Intellogy CMS?

No.  Intellogy does not provide web hosting services, so you will use the web hosting provider that best fits your needs and budget.  The Intellogy Content Manager web application allows your content editors to update your website data via the Internet from anywhere - regardless of where your website is hosted.  Intellogy works with web hosting providers using either Microsoft ASP/ASP.NET or Unix/Linux PHP environments.

What do I have to install with my web host to use the Intellogy CMS?
Integrating the Intellogy modules into your website is very easy.  Simply copy two (2) files into the root of your website (a "Web Service" file and a "License" file), then include a reference to these files in any web page that will utilize one of the Intellogy modules.  ASP.NET applications copy the Intellogy.Gee.dll server control into the "bin" directory of your application.
Can you help to integrate modules into our site?

Yes.  While we don't provide general web design or consulting services, we can integrate Intellogy into your existing website for you or your webmaster.  Contact us for details.