photo gallery script

Use the Photo Gallery Manager to display online photo albums or show collections of other images. Works with ASP,, PHP, Flash and XML sites.

Online Photo Gallery Software

Whether you want to show pictures of people, places or things, the Photo Gallery Manager will help you to create the perfect online photo album. The Photo Gallery Manager is the easiest way to catalog photos from school, church or community events; properties or other items for sale; product or work samples; and more.

Multiple Web Page Layouts Available

Choose from a variety of available layouts and mix and match within your website. Available layouts include:

  • Photo Gallery lists with clickable thumbnails
  • Photo Gallery lists presented as titles only
  • Photo galleries with static images
  • Photo galleries with clickable thumbnails to view larger images
  • Full detailed text description of photo galleries

Your online photo galleries can be displayed with or without thumbnail images. Optional captions can be assigned to each photo gallery or each individual photo.

Includes automatic email obfuscation of email addresses protects your website pages from web robots and harvesters.

Organize Your Photos

You can setup different "Types" of Photo Galleries, each displaying different sets of photos. In your web pages, you can display all Photo Gallery Types on the same page, or display one Photo Gallery Type on one page and another Photo Gallery Type on another page. Allows you to reuse the Photo Gallery Manager in multiple areas of your website.

Automatic Image Optimization & Thumbnail Creation

When a user uploads an image, it is automatically optimized for display on the Internet in JPG or GIF format. Thumbnails are automatically created when an image is uploaded. Web designers can specify automatic image scaling and placement of user-uploaded images. That way, if a user uploads a 1024x768 image, but your website design can only accommodate an image 400 pixels wide, the Content Manager can automatically scale the image down before it is posted in the website.

Add Documents

As with all modules, the Photo Gallery Manager allows you to upload images and documents to display within the "details" of your Photo Gallery. Hyperlinks to uploaded documents are automatically generated.

No Arbitrary Limits

Create unlimited Photo Gallery "Types," with an unlimited number of Photo Galleries, containing an unlimited number of Photos. Create an unlimited number of users with accounts to manage your photo galleries.

Certain restrictions apply.

The Intellogy CMS works with the following website scripting technologies:
ASP Content Management Solution Content Management System Flash Content Management Software Flex Content Management Solution PHP Content Management System Silverlight Content Management Software XML Content Management System Software