event registration and management

The Event Registration Manager allows your website visitors to complete and submit an event registration form online. And since you design the form, you can collect customized information that you need for your event (e.g. conference session selections, meal preferences).

You can easily view and edit registrant information with the Content Manager, and quickly generate event Registration Reports in a roster-style format. Reports list participant names and any of the other information that you required in the input form. Export registrant information to Excel for additional uses, such as creating mail-merge files for name badges.

You can also set parameters that limit the number of participants who can sign up for an event and, when that number is reached, registration automatically closes and a message notifies future registrants that the event is full. This event registration system will automatically create links to pages with directions and other information.

Integrate the Event Registration Manager with other Modules for an even more powerful event management solution. For example,

  • The Calendar Manager will display upcoming events in any of its calendar layouts. These registration events can be displayed separately or with your other calendar entries.
  • As registrants enroll for an event, the Contact Organizer stores their contact information, including custom fields that you define, in your database.
  • Use the Mail Wizard to help manage communications by sending bulk, personalized emails to registrants, either prior to or after the event.
  • Use the Survey Generator, along with the Contact Organizer and Mail Wizard, to send follow-up surveys to event participants.
  • The Feedback Manager allows you to collect quick feedback from event attendees. Post testimonials to your website.
  • For internal company events, the Resource Scheduler can help you to book conference rooms or reserve equipment for your event.
  • Automatic email obfuscation of email addresses protects your website pages from web robots and harvesters

NOTE - Because this system is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your website without frames, pop-ups or advertising, and due to the wide variation of requirements for event registration (e.g. with or without payments, with or without contact database interaction, specific fields required during registration), the services of a webmaster are required when implementing the Event Registration module.

Web-Based Event Registration

Updating your web event registrations is easy with the Content Manager. This web-based application includes menu driven access to create event "types" and event "series," add or edit new events, easy WYSIWYG editing of your main event details, as well as administrative features such as creating content editor user login accounts.

Control Registration Options

Set limits on the number of registrants allowed for each event and automatically closes registration when the event is full. View up-to-the minute rosters of event registrants. Manually add or delete registrants via Administrative tools. Export event registrants to Excel for name tags, mailings and more.

Create Reusable Event Locations

Create Event Locations where you specify location details, attach an image, and provide a link to online map websites. Event Locations are reusable for any of your events, minimizing re-entry of location data for each event.

Multiple Web Page Layouts

The Event Registration Manager offers many layout options. Choose to display your events in layouts with varying levels of detail. Available layouts include:

  • Event lists with hyperlinks to event details
  • Event lists with brief details and hyperlinks to event details
  • Event calendars with hyperlinks to complete event details

Add Images and Documents to your Events

As with all modules, the Event Registration Manager allows you to upload an image and a document to display within the "details" of your event. Great when you want to attach agendas and training materials before the event or post presentations for attendees to download after the event.

"Save To My Calendar" Links

Website visitors may click on links to save events to their Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, or any calendar that supports the iCalendar format.

Publish Events via RSS XML Feeds

RSS 2.0 XML feeds are available to publish your events to RSS readers. Automatically post events to RSS feeds at the same time they are published in your website - no duplication of data entry. Consumers can subscribe to your RSS XML event feeds using their preferred RSS reader.

No Arbitrary Limits

Manage an unlimited number of events, create an unlimited number of event "types" (subsets of your entire event listing assigned to specific departments, intranet, etc.), and create an unlimited number of users with accounts to manage your event registration data.

The Intellogy CMS works with the following website scripting technologies:
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