intellogy reseller program

The Intellogy Reseller Program gives you greater control over your Intellogy CMS product offerings, pricing and profits, and customer billing. It also enables you to create a private-label for the Intellogy CMS solution, allowing you to brand and sell the Intellogy CMS as your own.

Key features of the Intellogy Reseller Program include:

  • Your "cost" of the Intellogy Modules and Bundles is significantly discounted from the published retail price (25% less).
  • You set your own sales price! You can sell the Intellogy CMS at its retail price, or you can discount it - or charge a premium.
  • A Reseller Control Panel that you will utilize to:
    • Manage your Reseller Profile and contact information.
    • Select the modules and bundles that you will offer for sale, as well as set your own pricing (and profit margins).
    • Set up Global Developer Login accounts that may be used to login as a "Developer" to any of your customer accounts.
    • Use your own logos and colors to customize the design and layout of the Intellogy Content Manager (what your customers use to maintain their websites).
    • View a list of your Intellogy customer accounts, with details and billing history of each account.
  • Automatic credit card billing of your client accounts with email receipts generated on your behalf.
  • Automatic quarterly commission payments, based on the profits earned from your customer accounts (according to your cost and the pricing that you set).

The Intellogy Reseller program is available to marketing agencies, website design companies, and technology integration companies.