company directory

The Company Directory combines the best of contact management and content management software. Now you can easily manage employee information and post as much or as little as you like on your public website or your Intranet. Website visitors can also download vCard information.

Employee Directory Software

Using a content management system makes it easy to update your company directory. The Content Manager is a web-based application with menu-driven controls that allow you to create "Categories" and to add or edit employees. Easy WYSIWYG editing of all company directory details.

Multiple Web Page Layouts Available

Choose from a variety of available layouts and mix and match within your website. Available layouts include:

  • Lists with or without employee photos
  • Grids of various levels of detail with filtering capabilities
  • Quick alpha links (Rolodex™-style)
  • Concise listings of names only

Organize your Company Directory

You can setup different "Departments" within your Directory, each listing different employees. In your web pages, you can display all Departments on the same page, or display one Department on one page, and another Department on another page. Allows you to reuse the Company Directory module in multiple areas of your website.

Protected From Email Harvesters

The Company Directory uses email obfuscation techniques that prevent robots from harvesting your employees' email addresses. Email addresses are not available to robots in your pages source code - only to persons viewing your page. Even the available vCard download includes a CAPTCHA validation.

Advanced Uses

Great for Intranets! Use the Company Directory as an employee directory generator. Create a company employee email address directory or a company employee telephone directory with direct dial numbers. You control the level of information that is published to your web pages. You also have the ability to add new employees and edit existing contact information – without a webmaster or IT professional.

Custom Defined Fields

Supports up to 5 custom defined fields configurable within the Content Manager and available as part of the XML API.

Add Images and Documents

As with all modules, the Company Directory allows you to upload images and documents to display within the "details" of your Directory. Web designers can specify automatic image scaling and placement of user uploaded images. Hyperlinks to uploaded documents are automatically generated.

No Arbitrary Limits

Create unlimited "Departments" to categorize your Employees, and create unlimited Employee entries within them. Create an unlimited number of users with accounts to manage your company directory.

The Intellogy CMS works with the following website scripting technologies:
ASP Content Management Solution Content Management System Flash Content Management Software Flex Content Management Solution PHP Content Management System Silverlight Content Management Software XML Content Management System Software