document manager

The Document Manager organizes uploaded documents and presents them to website visitors as available "downloads." Great for organizing an online PDF library, sets of Word documents and collections of images.

Document Management Software

The Document Manager is a simple way to organize documents on your website so they can be downloaded by website visitors. Perfect for small businesses and Intranets.

Some sample uses of this module include:

  • Organize your HR forms for download
  • Provide applications online in PDF or Word formats
  • Maintain an Intranet of company documents
  • Organize ad campaigns and artwork for downloads
  • Distribute company style guidelines, logos and forms

    Multiple Web Page Layouts Available

    Choose from a variety of available layouts and mix and match within your website. Available layouts include:

    • Grids with Titles, Images, Descriptions
    • Lists with Titles and Images
    • Lists with Titles Only
    • Drop-down List Boxes

    Organize your Documents

    You can setup different "Types," each displaying different lists of documents. In your web pages, you can display all Document Types on the same page, or display one Document Type on one page, and another Document Type on another page. Allows you to reuse the Document Manager in multiple areas of your website.

    Add Images and Documents

    As with all modules, the Document Manager allows you to upload images and documents to display within your web pages. Web designers can specify automatic image scaling and placement of user uploaded images. Hyperlinks to uploaded documents are automatically generated.

    No Arbitrary Limits

    Create unlimited Document "Types" to categorize your Documents, and create unlimited Documents within them. Create an unlimited number of users with accounts to manage your data.

    The Intellogy CMS works with the following website scripting technologies:
    ASP Content Management Solution Content Management System Flash Content Management Software Flex Content Management Solution PHP Content Management System Silverlight Content Management Software XML Content Management System Software