blog publisher

The Blog Publisher allows you to broadcast news to the world by publishing blog entries within the pages of your website.  An optional RSS XML news feed is available.

Controlled Blogging Solution

The Intellogy Blog Publisher is a "controlled blog," meaning only authorized users can make posts to individual Blogs using the Intellogy Content Manager. Website visitors are not allowed to post comments into your Blogs. This prevents "flaming" and "spamming" of your company blog.

Includes automatic email obfuscation of email addresses protects your website pages from web robots and harvesters.

An alternate, more advanced solution to the Blog Publisher is the News Editor module.

Choose From Multiple Layouts and Customize via CSS

With all Intellogy modules, a web developer determines the placement within a site's web pages where the module should display. Web developers choose from a variety of available display layouts which can be mixed and matched within your website. Layouts are customizable via CSS formatting to blend seamlessly into any website design.

Organize Your Blogs

You can setup different "Types" of Blogs, each corresponding to an Author and/or a Subject. In your web pages, you can display all Blog Types on the same page, or display one Blog Type on one page and another Blog Type on another page. This allows you to reuse the Blog Publisher for different uses in multiple areas of your website.

Control When Your Blogs Display

By future dating a blog entry, you can control when the blog appears on your website. By setting an Expires date, you can control when a blog is removed from your website.

Add Images and Documents

As with all modules, the Blog Publisher allows you to upload images and documents to display within the "details" of your blog. Web designers can specify automatic image scaling and placement of user-uploaded images. Hyperlinks to uploaded documents are automatically generated.

Publish Blogs via RSS Feeds

RSS 2.0 XML feeds are available to publish your blogs to RSS readers. Automatically post blogs to RSS at the same time they are published in your website –  no duplication of data entry. Consumers can subscribe to your RSS blog feeds using their preferred RSS reader.

No Arbitrary Limits

Create unlimited Blog "Types" to categorize your blogs, and create unlimited entries within them. Create an unlimited number of users with accounts to manage your blogs.

The Intellogy CMS works with the following website scripting technologies:
ASP Content Management Solution Content Management System Flash Content Management Software Flex Content Management Solution PHP Content Management System Silverlight Content Management Software XML Content Management System Software