Website calendar software for ASP, NET, PHP, XML and Flash sites

The Calendar Manager is calendar software for any website: ASP,, PHP, XML or Flash. The calendar scripts integrate seamlessly into your HTML web pages. Web designers choose from a variety of functional layouts, then use CSS style tags to maintain the look and feel of the website.

Once a web designer adds this HTML calendar code to your website, it's easy for any authorized user to maintain the calendar. No special programming knowledge is required.

Website Calendars for ASP,, PHP, XML and Flash Sites

The Calendar Manager is the ideal solution for your website if you are looking for a web-based events calendar that:

  • Requires no database or complex installation scripts
  • Uses no frames, pop-ups or advertising - not even a hyperlink
  • Supports multiple users with different login accounts and no "per user" costs
  • Allows you to share a calendar across multiple websites with different presentation formats in each website
  • Supports an unlimited number of different calendar "types," for quick filtering or to display different events on different pages
  • Publishes events via RSS XML Feeds
  • Automatic email obfuscation of email addresses protects your website pages from web robots and harvesters

The Calendar Manager makes it possible for just about anyone to publish a custom calendar on their website. Imagine an online calendar that:

  • Is extremely easy for end-users to maintain - even novice Internet users
  • Can be updated anytime / anywhere, using only a web browser
  • Allows an unlimited number of calendar entries
  • Provides the ability to batch enter recurring events

The Content Manager makes it possible to keep your website's event calendar up-to-date, effortlessly. This menu-driven interface allows authorized users to add or edit calendar events, including easy WYSIWYG editing of event details. Users can also create web calendar "types" to organize similar events.

Multiple Web Page Layouts Available

Choose from a variety of available layouts and mix and match within your website. Available layouts include:

  • Monthly Grids with events
  • Monthly Grids without events (for navigation)
  • Lists with varying levels of detail
  • Detail page layouts that show images and documents

All layouts have options for showing current events only, specific time periods, filters by "types," automatic navigation, and many more features. Mix and match different calendar layouts within the same page for some truly unique web calendars.

Create Unlimited Categories

You can setup different "Types" (categories) of Calendar events, each having its own entries. In your web pages, you can display all Calendar Types on the same page, or display one Calendar Type on one page and another Calendar Type on another page. And, you can reuse the Calendar Manager in multiple areas of your website.

Recurring Calendar Events

The Calendar Manager includes support for the batch entry of recurring events allowing you to enter events that occur every day, every week, every month or annually for the time period you specify.

Add Images and Documents

As with all of our modules, the Calendar Manager allows you to upload images and documents to display within the "details" of your event. Web designers can specify automatic image scaling and placement of user uploaded images. Hyperlinks to uploaded documents are automatically generated.

"Save To My Calendar" Links

Website visitors may click on links to save events to their Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, or any calendar that supports the iCalendar format.

Publish Events via RSS XML Feeds

RSS 2.0 XML feeds are available to publish your calendar events to RSS readers. Automatically post events to RSS feeds at the same time they are published in your website - no duplication of data entry. Consumers can subscribe to your RSS XML calendar feeds using their preferred RSS reader.

No Arbitrary Limits

Manage an unlimited number of events, create an unlimited number of calendar "Types" (e.g., subsets of your entire calendar assigned to specific departments, intranet), and create an unlimited number of users with accounts to manage your calendar data.

The Intellogy CMS works with the following website scripting technologies:
ASP Content Management Solution Content Management System Flash Content Management Software Flex Content Management Solution PHP Content Management System Silverlight Content Management Software XML Content Management System Software