Create Custom, CMS-Powered Websites in Less Time and with Less Effort Than You Ever Thought Possible

Reduce or eliminate your website "programming" expenses. If you can insert an HTML tag into a web page and format a website using CSS, you can use Intellogy to easily create advanced CMS solutions with complete freedom of design.

  • No databases to purchase
  • No complicated scripts to install
  • Uses simple HTML-like tags
    (use CSS to maintain the look-and-feel of your design)

The Intellogy® CMS streamlines the process that businesses use to publish content to the Internet via their website(s), blogs, RSS feeds or email communications. Interactive marketing agencies, freelance web designers and company webmasters integrate Intellogy into websites. Once integrated, Intellogy makes it extremely easy and efficient for nontechnical website owners to publish content to the Internet in ways that would be extremely difficult, time consuming or tedious without a CMS.

  • Reduce or eliminate your website "programming" expenses
  • Web designers use simple, HTML-like tags to integrate Intellogy modules into HTML pages, then use CSS to fine tune the appearance for a seamless integration
  • No frames, no redirects and no advertising
  • Works with all custom websites designs - no prescribed site design limitations
  • Works with purchased website HTML templates


The Intellogy CMS works with the following website scripting technologies:
ASP Content Management Solution Content Management System Flash Content Management Software Flex Content Management Solution PHP Content Management System Silverlight Content Management Software XML Content Management System Software