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Use the Mail Wizard to send bulk email to recipients in your Contact Organizer database. Send personalized email to all of your contacts or send targeted messages to subgroups. The Mail Wizard takes you, step-by-step, through the process of composing a new email, selecting the recipients, and scheduling a date to send out each email.

Manage Opt-In Email Databases

The Mail Wizard is perfect for email marketing to permission-based lists or your opt-in email database. When used with the Contact Organizer, the Mail Wizard can send bulk, personalized emails to your contacts. This is not an anonymous "spam" tool. Each of your recipients will receive their own copy of your email. It will be addressed to them directly, and it will be from you (or the name you specify) personally.

Using Placeholders To Personalize Emails

You can personalize Mail Wizard emails by inserting "Placeholder" variables into your email Body or Subject. A "Placeholder" is a variable or field name that is inserted into the Email Subject, Email Text or Email HTML sections. When the email is sent, the Placeholder is replaced by the actual data field stored in the Contact Organizer database (i.e. first name).

Compose Emails On The Fly or With Templates

Compose emails using either HTML Design mode, HTML Source mode, or Text mode. The HTML-formatted messages use our WYSIWYG editor. You can create simple HTML emails, Text emails or advanced "Multi-Part" emails. Compose emails on the fly, or create re-usable "Email Templates" with enhanced formatting (some HTML knowledge required).

Schedule Email Delivery

Send bulk emails immediately or schedule delivery for a future date of your choosing. You can also schedule up to 8 additional dates to re-send a single email to the selected recipients in a single batch. Send emails in an unlimited number of batches.

Create Automatic Email Series

Ever wish you could automate a series of follow-up emails? Now you can! Create unlimited Automatic Email Series with an unlimited number of customizable emails. Specify how many days apart each email in the series should be sent. Can be started manually or kicked off via script.

Include Attachments

Include up to 10 attachments when you send out Text-formatted emails.

Handling Unsubscribes

The Contact Organizer includes a "Recv Emails" flag that, when set to "No," will prevent any future emails from being delivered by the Mail Wizard to that contact. You do not delete the contact record or lose the contact's information.

Generous Email Allowance

Using the Mail Wizard, you may send up to 5,000 emails per month to your Contact Organizer contacts. Additional emails beyond 5,000 in a calendar month are charged at $0.01 per email.

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