contact manager

The Contact Organizer is web-based contact management software that keeps track of all individuals who interact with your website. With the Contact Organizer, you also receive the Mail Wizard, which helps you to send bulk emails that look like a personalized email to each recipient.

The Contact Organizer / Mail Wizard pricing is based on the maximum number of contacts stored in your database. There are no "per email" charges for using the Mail Wizard.

Automatically Capture Contact Information into a Contact Database

The Contact Organizer's contact management database can automatically capture information collected from inquiry forms, order forms or any form designed to collect information on your website. The modules that process forms (such as Inquiry & Response Generator and Feedback Manager) will automatically populate the Contact Organizer database when scripted properly. Perfect for creating an opt-in or permission-based marketing database!

Organize Your Contacts

With the Contact Organizer, you can define up to 50 "Contact Groups." You can then assign your individual contacts to one or more Contact Groups. Website forms can be scripted to automatically categorize contacts as web forms are submitted.

Use Contact Groups in conjunction with the Mail Wizard to send bulk email to those who opt in to receive email marketing messages from you.

The Contact Organizer is the perfect contact management system for small business owners or nonprofit organizations that need to keep contact information and want to send regular, targeted emails to customers, prospects, vendors, volunteers, even employees.

Database Fields

The Contact Organizer includes the following standard fields:

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
Web Site
Phone 1
Phone 2
Date of Birth
Date Created
How Created

Add Your Own Custom Fields

In addition to the Standard Fields in the Contact Organizer database, you may define up to 10 user-defined fields of 255 characters in length.

Manually Add New Contacts

Using the Content Manager, you can manually add new contacts, or edit existing ones. It's easy to filter your contacts by fields such as Name, Company or Email to manage your database.

Import From CSV and XLS

Easily import your existing contact lists from Comma Separated Values (CSV) and MS Excel (XLS) formats. Use this feature to import your contacts from Outlook, Act! and more. You can classify your imported contacts into one or more Contact Groups by selecting the appropriate group when importing your lists.

Exporting Your Contacts

The Contact Organizer allows you to export your entire database or a filtered list to Excel and text file formats compatible with emailing solutions like Constant Contact®.

Mail Wizard Integration

The Mail Wizard uses the Contact Organizer database exclusively as its mailing database. Users may send bulk, personalized emails to the entire Contact Organizer database, or to one or more "Contact Groups."

Fields from the Contact Organizer may be included in Mail Wizard emails via the use of "Placeholders."

The special fields in Contact Organizer used by the Mail Wizard include:

Receive Bulk Emails Set to "No" to prevent this contact from receiving any emails sent via the Mail Wizard while keeping the contact in your database.
Email Format The Mail Wizard will send emails according to this preference (HTML/Text). If you create an HTML-formatted email without a corresponding Text version, and the user preference is to receive Text emails, the Mail Wizard will automatically convert your HTML email to a Text email for that Contact.

As A Membership Database

The Contact Organizer can be used as a "member login" database via custom scripting. That is, in addition to storing information about your contacts for bulk emailings, you can use the Contact Organizer as your website's authentication database for "member only" content, or to allow members to update their own contact information.

The special fields in Contact Organizer used for membership include:

Contact ID A unique 9-digit number assigned to each Contact. May be used as a login ID, or used when updating a contact's information via script.
User ID A 30-character alphanumeric field encrypted in our database for storing a login User ID.
Password A 20-character alphanumeric field encrypted in our database for storing a login Password.
Membership Expires An optional date when a user might be denied access.
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